The Lenmak Project Map: Your Ultimate Architectural Tool

At Lenmak Exteriors, our goal is to offer you superb products at affordable prices, acting as a one-stop shop for all your exterior finishing needs. Now, thanks to our newly optimized Project Map Portfolio, you can view our wide array of products and finished projects all within an easy-to-use, interactive online tool.

The Project Map is an ideal step in any new architecture or design project as its many visual features will help you to sort through our unique product lines and see completed buildings. Essentially, it’s a portfolio and a product guide all in one.

Within Lenmak’s state of the art, automated manufacturing facility, we provide architectural panels, cladding, insulated back panels, roofing and trim.

Our Project Map is the window to it all.

How does the Project Map work?

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit our Project Map Portfolio at Then, click on the box in the map’s top right-hand corner to expand.

As you will see, Lenmak projects are shown across the map using different icons. The icons indicate whether a project was commercial, residential or infrastructure. You can click on these icons to explore our portfolio, or you can use the search function if you’re looking for something more specific.


Search is located in the top left-hand corner of the map – simply click on the magnifying glass to access the search bar. You can search:

  • Projects by name
  • Projects by location
  • Specific Lenmak products by name

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What does the Project Map do?

The Project Map both organizes Lenmak’s portfolio, making it easy for you to view, as well as helps identify exactly what our products can do and what they look like in action.

Let’s use our product OmniClad™ as an example, which is a custom-made panel available in three different widths and a rainbow of colours.

  1. Type “OmniClad” into the search bar.
  2. Click on “See all results.”
  3. Select “Setters J T & Sons Construction.”

You can now see that on this particular building, we used both OmniClad™ (white panels) and StrataClad™ (black panels). You can follow the links to the product pages for more information, or you can click on the image and browse through several photographs of the finished building.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

How is the Project Map categorized?

The Project Map shows Lenmak projects with one of three different icons – commercial, residential or infrastructure.

This feature becomes very handy when you want to explore a specific type of project. It also shows how versatile Lenmak’s products are; you can see how one product can be implemented into the design of anything from a business to an apartment building to a school.

Say you are an architect, contractor or designer interested in using one – or several – of our products on a new home. By clicking on each Residential icon, you can see which products have been incorporated into already built homes and in what way.

For example, if you click on the Residential icon for the Birkholtz Show Home in Edmonton’s Windermere neighbourhood, you’ll see our OmniClad™ panels once again – illustrating that the very same product can be used on both an office building and an upscale home.

How is the Project Map helpful?

Seeing many projects at a glance can be an extremely helpful tool for architects, contractors, property managers, business owners and homeowners.

Let’s say you’ve already looked through Lenmak’s product line and are interested in seeing our curtain wall system Envatherm® at work. Simply type “Envatherm” into the search bar and browse through our completed projects, such as Edmonton’s Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility, which is outfitted in black spandrel glass with EnvaTherm® panels insulating and safeguarding the building envelope within.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Or, perhaps you aren’t sure what product is right for you, but you’ve heard of Lenmak and want to see what we have to offer. Our Project Map offers you a closer look at our breadth of products such as NaturClad™ – unique paint finishes that pair our metal panel systems with the look of a natural material, Aluminaire™ – a sophisticated architectural panel system, or our standing seam metal roofing systems, which can be curved or tapered to suit your design needs.

Maximum Architectural Freedom

Our Project Map is just another aspect of our commitment to both products and service of the highest quality. If you’re ready to experience maximum architectural freedom and outfit your exterior with aesthetic punch, visit our Project Map today!
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