What is StrataClad®?

The StrataClad® product line from Lenmak Exterior Innovations is custom designed to order and produced on demand. This not only means a paneling system that is created specifically for your needs, it means efficiencies for your project on a number of levels.


  • Maximum architectural freedom.
  • Ability to easily infuse a corporate brand personality into the design.
  • Easily integrated with surrounding exterior products and fully adaptable to the existing wall condition.


  • Through the artistic capabilities of 3D design, the options for visual effects are vastly increased.


  • Available in several pre-finished colors with no limits on production quantity.
  • Available in standard and metallic colors for use as accents or full extensions.


  • Lean manufacturing enables custom orders to be completed in just days while traditional composite panel systems can take months.
  • Rapid turn-around times vastly reduce carrying costs due to an unfinished exterior.


  • A fully automated, one-step manufacturing process with no down-time reduces the production time by up to 80%, which in turn reduces costs.
  • Produced quickly and accurately every time at a fraction of the cost of traditional composite panel systems.


  • Panels are made from a combination of pre- and post-consumer recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.
  • Do not contain harmful toxins like other composite materials resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Customized design produced on demand limits waste and conserves energy.

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This product is available in NaturClad™



These unibody-design panels can be made in a variety of sizes and depths. This lock system also completely conceals fasteners for a crisp, architectural style without the time and cost of custom composite panels.

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