SpandrelTherm™ foam-insulated metal spandrel panels aren’t just beautiful — they help to improve curtain wall building envelope efficiency by up to 38% when used in conjunction with EnvaTherm®insulated back pans. A shell of prefinished aluminum offers a unique aesthetic in a wide variety of standard & metallic colours while the insulated core and thermally-broken assembly improve curtain wall performance. A unique, patented foam delivery system yields soft, even, self-sealing insulation that provides superior R-value for consistent, real world performance. Breathable foil facing allows diffusion of moisture through a pressure-equalized assembly and isolates functional elements from UV exposure.

And They Even Come In Green!

  • Highly solar-reflective finishes & complete opacity reduce solar gain, reducing carbon footprint and heating/cooling costs over a building’s service life
  • Pre- & post-consumer recycled content offer potential LEED credits
  • Foam insulation is 100% water-blown, emits zero VOC’s after curing, & will not support fungal growth
  • Parametrically-controlled and fully automated lean manufacturing produces perfect panels with no on-site waste; metal off-cuts generated during manufacturing are returned for recycling
  • Western Canadian manufacturing reduces environmental & financial costs of transport and supports local economy

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When used in conjunction with EnvaTherm® insulated back pans, SpandrelTherm™ helps to improve curtain wall performance by up to 38%!

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