Our patented curtain wall: EnvaTherm®

Automated efficiency takes EnvaTherm® insulated back pans and curtain-wall engineering to a new level. Innovation in foam delivery technology yields soft, even, self-sealing insulation that provides a competitive R-value for consistent, real-world performance. Unlike fibrous insulation, the insulation forms a self-sealing bond to the metal back pan shell so there is no risk of shifting/sagging or convective looping.

EnvaTherm® insulated back pans are used in curtain wall systems in conjunction with opaque glass panels or architectural metal panels for areas that do not require transparent glass.


  • Local & fully certified manufacturing process
  • Fire-tested (CAN/ULC S134) for multi-storey non-combustible construction
  • Pre-& post-consumer recycled content
  • No VOC’s; foam insulation is 100% water-blown
  • Will not sustain mold growth
  • Up to 50% lighter than competing products
  • Lean manufacturing & precision equipment reduces waste & lead times


  • Constructed in accordance with Intertek Design Listing LEI-IMWP 25-01
  • Spec. ID 28934
  • Inspections four times a year

The Air Seal & Adhesion Capabilities

  • Factory-applied low-density foam insulation which prevents heat drumming and whistling
  • Insulated for both air and water.
  • No loss of thermal performance due to convective looping.
  • Certified air barrier material ASTM E 2178-03 Intertek Project 3181312

Envatherm’s low weight and handling

  • Commonly described as “light as air”
  • In combination with our panels, they are up to 50% lighter than competitive fibrous products
  • More cost-effective for handling, shipping, and installation

Waste & Environmental Consideration

  • Pre and post-consumer recycled metal components.
  • Foam is 100% water-blown, uses no synthetic blowing agents or synthetic blowing agents, and is PBDE free
  • Near 100% utilization of of on-site materials
  • Safe and stable after curing
  • Will not support growth of mold (ASTM C1338 (2008) Standard Test Method for Determining Fungi Resistance of Insulation Materials and Facings, Intertek Canadian Project Number G100033767)

Coordinating Products

When used in conjunction with SpandrelTherm™ insulated metal spandrel panels, EnvaTherm® insulated back pans help to improve curtain wall performance by up to 38%!

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