How To Achieve Up To 38% More Curtain Wall Integrity With One Revolutionary Innovation

Would you choose a car with better fuel economy or one with low fuel mileage? Consider they are the same price..

The choice is obvious.

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At Lenmak Exteriors, we believe the choice is also obvious between a traditional curtain wall system and one that is more advanced and more sustainable.

Here’s why:

Automated Efficiency and Technological Innovation

Searching for an alternative to conventional fibreglass or mineral wool pans? Did you know that in conventional products, mechanically-secured fasteners and weakened adhesives can lead to a loss in thermal performance?

Our EnvaTherm® insulated metal back-pans are the answer.

Automated innovation in our foam delivery technology yields self-sealing insulation. As a result, air barrier continuity is maintained by eliminating gaps or potential leak points.

The Panel of Choice

EnvaTherm® is the panel of choice for industry professionals looking for a product with enhanced thermal integrity, yet a lower impact on the earth. This is due to certification requirements, fire safety considerations, handling ease and a reduced environmental footprint.

Additionally, EnvaTherm® back-pans improve curtain wall performance by up to 38 percent when used in conjunction with our SpandrelTherm™ insulated metal panels.

Consistency is Key

Did you know fibreglass and mineral wool pans don’t require certification? This is because the government doesn’t regulate manufacturing and quality control of these products.

EnvaTherm® back-pans are constructed in accordance with Intertek Design Listing, so our products and plants are inspected four times a year. Ensuring our fabrication process is consistent results in a consistent product – every time.

Fire Tested – And Safe

Consistency is not only missing in certification, but also in fire safety testing.

Many comparative insulation types are tested and rated for fire safety, but there might not be any data available because test results are product specific. Further, some manufacturers choose not to pursue fire testing at all.

Conversely, EnvaTherm® back-pans are tested – and confirmed – to have a low potential for vertical flame spread under CAN/ULC S134 “Standard Method of Fire Test of Exterior Curtain Wall Assemblies.”

Light as Air

Our EnvaTherm® panels are – almost literally – light as air.

Lighter insulation combined with a thinner metal makes our product up to 50 percent lighter than others. Not only does this make installation a breeze, but also saves on shipping and handling. Lightening the transportation and helping preserve natural resources also results in reducing the overall price of the panels and lower fuel costs.

100% Component Utilization

Traditional forms of insulation can negatively impact the environment by generating on-site waste and mold growth.

EnvaTherm® panels create zero site waste thanks to a near 100 percent component utilization and will not support mold growth. Further, an EnvaTherm® panel’s metal components also contain pre and post-consumer recycled material. Finally, foam insulation is water blown using no synthetic blowing agents or ozone-depleting substances.

Pre-Finished Panel Perfection

With Edmonton’s construction industry forecasted to boom once more, we at Lenmak Exteriors feel products such as EnvaTherm® will play an essential role in the coming years. Innovative, affordable, sustainable – these are the features members of the construction industry are looking for. Contact us to learn more about how our EnvaTherm® insulated metal back-pans take the integrity in “thermal integrity” to a whole new level.

Watch the following video for the complete build process:

This video highlights the S134 fire test:

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