The Lenmak Project Map: Your Ultimate Architectural Tool

At Lenmak Exteriors, our goal is to offer you superb products at affordable prices, acting as a one-stop shop for all your exterior finishing needs. Now, thanks to our newly optimized Project Map Portfolio, you can view our wide array of products and finished projects all within an easy-to-use, interactive online tool.

The Project Map is an ideal step in any new architecture or design project as its many visual features will help you to sort through our unique product lines and see completed buildings. Essentially, it’s a portfolio and a product guide all in one.

Within Lenmak’s state of the art, automated manufacturing facility, we provide architectural panels, cladding, insulated back panels, roofing and trim.

Our Project Map is the window to it all.

How does the Project Map work?

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit our Project Map Portfolio at Then, click on the box in the map’s top right-hand corner to expand.

As you will see, Lenmak projects are shown across the map using different icons. The icons indicate whether a project was commercial, residential or infrastructure. You can click on these icons to explore our portfolio, or you can use the search function if you’re looking for something more specific.


Search is located in the top left-hand corner of the map – simply click on the magnifying glass to access the search bar. You can search:

  • Projects by name
  • Projects by location
  • Specific Lenmak products by name

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What does the Project Map do?

The Project Map both organizes Lenmak’s portfolio, making it easy for you to view, as well as helps identify exactly what our products can do and what they look like in action.

Let’s use our product OmniClad™ as an example, which is a custom-made panel available in three different widths and a rainbow of colours.

  1. Type “OmniClad” into the search bar.
  2. Click on “See all results.”
  3. Select “Setters J T & Sons Construction.”

You can now see that on this particular building, we used both OmniClad™ (white panels) and StrataClad™ (black panels). You can follow the links to the product pages for more information, or you can click on the image and browse through several photographs of the finished building.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

How is the Project Map categorized?

The Project Map shows Lenmak projects with one of three different icons – commercial, residential or infrastructure.

This feature becomes very handy when you want to explore a specific type of project. It also shows how versatile Lenmak’s products are; you can see how one product can be implemented into the design of anything from a business to an apartment building to a school.

Say you are an architect, contractor or designer interested in using one – or several – of our products on a new home. By clicking on each Residential icon, you can see which products have been incorporated into already built homes and in what way.

For example, if you click on the Residential icon for the Birkholtz Show Home in Edmonton’s Windermere neighbourhood, you’ll see our OmniClad™ panels once again – illustrating that the very same product can be used on both an office building and an upscale home.

How is the Project Map helpful?

Seeing many projects at a glance can be an extremely helpful tool for architects, contractors, property managers, business owners and homeowners.

Let’s say you’ve already looked through Lenmak’s product line and are interested in seeing our curtain wall system Envatherm® at work. Simply type “Envatherm” into the search bar and browse through our completed projects, such as Edmonton’s Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility, which is outfitted in black spandrel glass with EnvaTherm® panels insulating and safeguarding the building envelope within.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Or, perhaps you aren’t sure what product is right for you, but you’ve heard of Lenmak and want to see what we have to offer. Our Project Map offers you a closer look at our breadth of products such as NaturClad™ – unique paint finishes that pair our metal panel systems with the look of a natural material, Aluminaire™ – a sophisticated architectural panel system, or our standing seam metal roofing systems, which can be curved or tapered to suit your design needs.

Maximum Architectural Freedom

Our Project Map is just another aspect of our commitment to both products and service of the highest quality. If you’re ready to experience maximum architectural freedom and outfit your exterior with aesthetic punch, visit our Project Map today!
Lenmak Exteriors Innovation

Bonnyville Town Hall | A Cost-Effective, Sustainable Product Solution

Project: Bonnyville Town Hall

Timeline: 1 year for construction

Products Used: OmniClad™ and StrataClad®

General Contractor and Installer: Genmec ACL

Architect Firm: Manasc Isaac

Genmac ACL Architecture Manasc Isaac Architecture Design

In the past year, an exciting and big project has recently been completed in the town of Bonnyville: A revamped town hall.


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With both Genmec ACL and Manasc Isaac heading the project, the design concept for the new and improved town hall was set to outfit the building with 11,500 sq ft of a cementitious siding product. However, initial cost estimates came back over-budget, and early mock-ups were disappointing to installers, designers, and owners.


Now what?


Lenmak was thrilled when both Genmec ACL and Manasc Isaac approached us to see if we could help reduce costs on the exterior. With value and feasibility in mind, and with a long service life and low maintenance attributes of paramount importance, we settled on OmniClad™.

We had the chance to speak with Tyler Kress, Project Manager at Genmec ACL and Emmett Gallagher, Architectural Technologist, of Manasc Isaac to discuss the completion of this project, and its final outcome.    


What was your role on this project?

Tyler Kress: I was the Project Manager. Our local firm, Genmec ACL was elected to take on this scope for the project.

Emmett Gallagher: I was the Architectural Technologist and then I did contract administration for the project, too.

What is the story behind the project and how your firm got involved?

Emmett Gallagher: We (Manasc Isaac) were engaged by the Town of Bonnyville in mid-2015 to carry out a feasibility study for a new town hall for them. That involved examining the  different options for sites as well preliminary massing to see what one would work best for the town’s needs.


When did Lenmak get involved with the project?

Emmett Gallagher: Early in the design phase we had spoken to Lenmak about some of their products that we were considering using. The product that was ultimately specified for the project was not a Lenmak product, as it was not within the Town’s specified budget at that time.

After the contract was awarded however, the Town of Bonnyville changed their mind about the original product as they were not happy with the appearance [after seeing mockups done on-site]. At that point, Manasc Isaac and GenMec ACL re-engaged Lenmak to see what they could do for for the project.


What desire or need did Lenmak’s product fulfill for you on this project?

Tyler Kress: We originally had a different wall finish system specified. When we looked into the finished details as part of the mockup process, we were unable to do it in this climate and for this building.

We went back to Manasc Isaac and talked about a few different finishing options. I believe they had used a Lenmak product in the past, and it was because of that that we were able to capture the old design with a different product in a better way.

Emmett Gallagher: The selected Lenmak product fulfilled both the aesthetic needs and the budget requirements set by the Town.

One of the comments that the town had was that they did not want to see the exposed fasteners on the cladding. Additionally, since Bonnyville is a small municipality, fiscal responsibility is of utmost importance. Thankfully, Lenmak’s products were able to get us within those two parameters.

Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville Town Hall  Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville Town Hall

“Lenmak came in within the client’s budget and basically gave them the design that they were looking for.” – Tyler Kress


So, Lenmak essentially found a cost-effective solution for this project?

Tyler Kress: Yeah, exactly. The product (OmniClad) was cost-effective, and the longevity of the product was superior to the product we were using before.

OmniClad was specified by Manasc Isaac on the building, and they did the layout for cladding, too.

When it came to the main entrances, GenMec and Lenmak worked with Manasc Isaac to refine the design, since Manasc Isaac had originally specified metal flashings for the main entrances.

Working with Johanna at Lenmak, they suggested StrataClad® to highlight those areas a little bit [the two entrances] and with this product we were able to avoid dealing with traditional problems that come with just using flashing.


This product definitely exceeded our expectations.” – Tyler Kress


Was the Lenmak team helpful in guiding you with their products? What kind of role did Lenmak play in the completion of this project?

Tyler Kress: Lenmak came out and did a Lunch and Learn with us, and really any questions we had (since we were installing their products the first time), they were there to answer. Our project superintendent would call them from time to time, just on tips for installation.

We ran into a situation where we damaged a panel – they had a solution for that. It was great to see.

Emmett Gallagher: Ray Turner from Lenmak came to our office approximately a year prior to construction start, so we were aware of their products. Then, once the project got underway, we invited Lenmak to come into our office again, and give our entire team an overview of how Lenmak’s products work.

Lenmak Bonnyville Town Hall

Would you say sustainability is important when choosing exterior cladding?

Tyler Kress: Absolutely.

Any of the projects we do we like to look at the life cycle of the product and make sure our clients are not only going to be happy now with the product, but ten years down the line, twenty years down the line, and I think the team picked a good one for this building.

Emmett Gallagher: [Sustainability] is always one of the top items on our list. To minimize environmental impact, we always aim to source local products. The benefit of having a local manufacturer and contractor is that we can easily engage them, establish the parameters of the project early on, and work together to resolve them effectively.


>> See all of our products at a Lenmak Glance on our Project Map page <<


What is your opinion of the aesthetic of the finished project? Are you happy with the outcome?

Tyler Kress: Yeah, we were very happy.

It’s a very good looking building.

 It was relatively easy for our guys to install the products. You definitely have to look at all the details in it [the exterior cladding], and that was one thing I was very impressed about.

All of the [detailed] corners, all of the hard work they put into making a product that not only looks good, but also was…easy for our installers to [work with] was great. The guys did a great job installing and putting in time to make the joints and connections fit.

Emmett Gallagher: Yes, we are very happy that the town ultimately made the decision to go with Lenmak’s product, and I know the Town is very happy with the final product, too. [Lenmak’s product] definitely looks much cleaner from a detailing perspective, and it will last longer with less maintenance, too.



Based on your experience, would you work with Lenmak Exteriors again?

Tyler Kress: Yes, absolutely. We are actually now working with them now on other projects.

It was a very exciting project for us, we enjoyed working with Lenmak; they were very helpful suggesting ideas and looking at different areas for us.

Emmett Gallagher: I had a very positive experience working with Lenmak. Knowing that you can call their team to resolve any issues, and even go to their manufacturing facility to see how things are made; they were very helpful. I would certainly work with Lenmak again.


“…I’m really glad that the town made the decision to go with Lenmak’s product[s].” – Emmett Gallagher

Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville Town Hall Project Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville

Product Overview


The OmniClad™ product line from Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc. is made to order and produced on demand to meet your needs – and your budget. Available in a rainbow of colours and finishes, three widths, and a standard depth of ¾”, this concealed fastener cladding system offers multi-dimensional flexibility with lengths up to 26’. A floating clip system allows free expansion and contraction for the best possible performance and value.


The StrataClad® product line from Lenmak Exterior Innovations is custom designed to order and produced on demand. This not only means a paneling system that is created specifically for your needs, it means efficiencies for your project on a number of levels.

edmonton architecture firms dialog lenmak exterior cladding

The Oliver – Downtown Edmonton Highrise with Aesthetic Appeal

When you approach Jasper Avenue and 122nd Street in downtown Edmonton, you’ll be struck by a 12-storey high-rise with glimmering penny copper accents. Artfully placed between silver metallic panels, this cladding was chosen with the distinct intention of catching your eye. The Oliver is undoubtedly part of an architectural renaissance revitalizing the city’s core.

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Engaged by Dialog and Clark Builders, Lenmak was met with the challenge of providing a modern, panelized product that had an aesthetic, yet sustainable, appeal. On a budget.

We spoke with Wayne Mack, Manager of Architectural Products at Clark Builders, to understand how the team of stakeholders achieved the finished look:

What was your role on this project?

Clark Builders was the General Contractor, and we also self-performed, meaning we have a field force that installs the architectural cladding and building envelope materials.

How did you become involved with Lenmak?

I was called into an early budgeting meeting with the owner, architect and GC reps, in which we looked at a wide variety of products and looks for the building. It came down to enlisting Ray at Lenmak to help design the look the architect was after: a long, linear look, where the panels had depth and were layered. Ray provided a cost effective solution that looked the best.

“We chose Lenmak because of their ability to have a highly customizable panel. With their equipment, manufacturing ability and automation, Lenmak could provide a lot of customization into their panels.”

After a couple of design meetings, we had a basic concept of how the panels would stack and layer amongst each other. The architects then produced the drawings, and Clark took those drawings to budget them before receiving a go-ahead from the owner and architect to proceed.

Clark’s Architectural Products Department then performed the work to install the cladding. Manufacturing and logistics from Lenmak included transport to site in small batches on an as-needed basis to suit the construction schedule. Ray was highly flexible; we worked on a few details after the fact, including ease of installation. There was great collaboration working from manufacturer to installer.

“On a fixed budget and fixed deadline, we brought it in on time.”

How important is sustainability when choosing exterior cladding products?

Today’s world is all about sustainability and recyclability, so it is always a big consideration when we’re looking and selecting products for use in cladding. We let the architect guide us in product selection, so Dialog was the instigators for choosing the aluminum. It has recycled content, is a recyclable product, and stands up to the weather and the elements; it won’t rust over time like a steel. The architect, Donna Clare of Dialog, put in that stipulation.

Is local manufacturing a bonus or a must when it comes to product selection?

It depends on the project; in this case, the project site and lay down space were constricted, so there was no place to bring in materials ahead of time. Especially on a downtown site where you have neighbors in close proximity, you don’t have the luxury to pre-order and bring all your materials to site at the same time.

“On-time delivery was a big reason for success and Lenmak’s ability to do this was a big reason we went to them for the manufacturing.”

The benefits of being able to self-perform are huge, but having a good supplier behind you is also very important. When I select a supplier I’m looking for someone who will be a part of the team.

“We want suppliers like Lenmak that are able to manufacture and deliver on time.”

In construction there are always variables and tolerances and things that change as installation progresses; for example, we played with how some of the panels stacked and lined up and played with the length. Lenmak’s ability to adapt and change a panel length mid-order – being a local source was very good for that. If there was ever a question, it was easy to “go see” on site without a long delivery time afterward.

We have to talk about the finished product.

This is a good looking building. Everybody – I heard first hand from owners and the architect – they are very pleased with the end results. This is one of the first rental apartment buildings that has been built downtown in a long time.

“They knocked it out of the park.”

Architecture Firm: Dialog

Architect: Donna Clare

General Contractor: 

Clark Builders

Location: Edmonton, AB

Product Used: Latitude™

Our Latitude™ product line is made to order and produced on demand to meet your needs – and your budget. Available in a variety of widths, depths, and lengths, it can bend around corners and soffits, and comes in dozens of prefinished colours. Better still – it pairs the cost-effectiveness of single-skin cladding with the beauty of architectural panel systems. Latitude™ panels include pre- and post-consumer recycled materials (for possible LEED credits) and remain 100% recyclable at the end of their service life.

Lenmak Exterior Innovations
edmonton architecture firm kennedy lenmak exterior cladding

The Wellspring — Strength of Steel with the Warmth of Wood

In 2016, in collaboration with Kennedy architectural firm and Krawford Construction, we were privileged to be a key part in the building process of a project that will touch the lives of those affected by cancer: the Wellspring in Edmonton.

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The Wellspring, located in southwest Edmonton on the South Campus of the University of Alberta, provides non-medical emotional, restorative, and educational support, at no cost, to cancer patients (at any stage of their diagnosis), their families, and caregivers. If you, or anyone you know, is dealing with cancer, view their program schedule here.

At the centre, the goal was to provide a warm and inviting home-like space that didn’t have the traditionally cold feeling of a clinic or hospital, where the emphasis is on the mental well-being of the person and not the illness.

To fulfill the goal, the architect needed a product that had a the strength of steel, while maintaining the warm welcoming aesthetic of wood. That is where Lenmak came in.

Products used:

  • Standing Seam Roof 1.5 inch in Charcoal
  • To the surprise of our customers, our steel roofing can weigh half as much as shingles and approximately one tenth the weight of clay. If properly installed, steel roofing will be virtually maintenance free over the lifetime of the building. It is also less susceptible to extreme weather because it does not absorb water and will easily shed snow and ice. Overall, it’s longer lasting, durable, weather-resistant, does not burn, and is impervious to termites and pests.
  • OmniClad™ in Forest Green Kynar and Mahogany NaturClad Finish with Recessed Reveal
  • OmniClad™ is a made-to-order product that will meet both your needs and your budget. Using our automated bending process, we can bend the panels around corners, while our concealed fasteners and floating clips allow for free expansion and contraction, resulting in the best possible performance and value. We can design the panels to varying lengths, and mix and match sizes and colours, for maximum aesthetic appeal at minimum waste. With this project, we went with Forest Green Kynar and Mahogany, to achieve the welcoming warmth that was necessary on this project. However, it is available in 37 standard, 23 premium, and 10 woodgrain colours, plus galvalume and corten steel.
  • InterClad™ Prime Panel in Briarwood Tan — Our horizontal InterClad is an elegant, low-maintenance exterior option that will beautifully integrate with surrounding panels and proud, flush, or recessed windows and doors.
  • InterClad™ panels are cut-to-fit on site then assembled with concealed fasteners and clips for maximum pull-out resistance.
  • Slip Panel with Concealed Fasten Fascia and Custom Soffit Trim
  • StrataClad® in a NaturClad Mahogany Finish— With StrataClad®, we give the architects maximum architectural freedom, the ability to easily infuse a corporate brand personality into the design, and integrate our products with the surrounding exterior. Their unibody-design can be made in a variety of sizes and depths, and they interlock using a push-pull lock system.

Watch how it’s made:

Beyond our specific products, our one-stop-shop for almost the entirety of the exterior was extremely convenient for the architect and general contractor while offering accountability should anything not be up to the high-standards that they were looking for.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our products, feel free to contact us or add us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.