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The Wellspring — Strength of Steel with the Warmth of Wood

In 2016, in collaboration with Kennedy architectural firm and Krawford Construction, we were privileged to be a key part in the building process of a project that will touch the lives of those affected by cancer: the Wellspring in Edmonton.

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The Wellspring, located in southwest Edmonton on the South Campus of the University of Alberta, provides non-medical emotional, restorative, and educational support, at no cost, to cancer patients (at any stage of their diagnosis), their families, and caregivers. If you, or anyone you know, is dealing with cancer, view their program schedule here.

At the centre, the goal was to provide a warm and inviting home-like space that didn’t have the traditionally cold feeling of a clinic or hospital, where the emphasis is on the mental well-being of the person and not the illness.

To fulfill the goal, the architect needed a product that had a the strength of steel, while maintaining the warm welcoming aesthetic of wood. That is where Lenmak came in.

Products used:

  • Standing Seam Roof 1.5 inch in Charcoal
  • To the surprise of our customers, our steel roofing can weigh half as much as shingles and approximately one tenth the weight of clay. If properly installed, steel roofing will be virtually maintenance free over the lifetime of the building. It is also less susceptible to extreme weather because it does not absorb water and will easily shed snow and ice. Overall, it’s longer lasting, durable, weather-resistant, does not burn, and is impervious to termites and pests.
  • OmniClad™ in Forest Green Kynar and Mahogany NaturClad Finish with Recessed Reveal
  • OmniClad™ is a made-to-order product that will meet both your needs and your budget. Using our automated bending process, we can bend the panels around corners, while our concealed fasteners and floating clips allow for free expansion and contraction, resulting in the best possible performance and value. We can design the panels to varying lengths, and mix and match sizes and colours, for maximum aesthetic appeal at minimum waste. With this project, we went with Forest Green Kynar and Mahogany, to achieve the welcoming warmth that was necessary on this project. However, it is available in 37 standard, 23 premium, and 10 woodgrain colours, plus galvalume and corten steel.
  • InterClad™ Prime Panel in Briarwood Tan — Our horizontal InterClad is an elegant, low-maintenance exterior option that will beautifully integrate with surrounding panels and proud, flush, or recessed windows and doors.
  • InterClad™ panels are cut-to-fit on site then assembled with concealed fasteners and clips for maximum pull-out resistance.
  • Slip Panel with Concealed Fasten Fascia and Custom Soffit Trim
  • StrataClad® in a NaturClad Mahogany Finish— With StrataClad®, we give the architects maximum architectural freedom, the ability to easily infuse a corporate brand personality into the design, and integrate our products with the surrounding exterior. Their unibody-design can be made in a variety of sizes and depths, and they interlock using a push-pull lock system.

Watch how it’s made:

Beyond our specific products, our one-stop-shop for almost the entirety of the exterior was extremely convenient for the architect and general contractor while offering accountability should anything not be up to the high-standards that they were looking for.

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