Bonnyville Town Hall | A Cost-Effective, Sustainable Product Solution

Project: Bonnyville Town Hall

Timeline: 1 year for construction

Products Used: OmniClad™ and StrataClad®

General Contractor and Installer: Genmec ACL

Architect Firm: Manasc Isaac

Genmac ACL Architecture Manasc Isaac Architecture Design

In the past year, an exciting and big project has recently been completed in the town of Bonnyville: A revamped town hall.


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With both Genmec ACL and Manasc Isaac heading the project, the design concept for the new and improved town hall was set to outfit the building with 11,500 sq ft of a cementitious siding product. However, initial cost estimates came back over-budget, and early mock-ups were disappointing to installers, designers, and owners.


Now what?


Lenmak was thrilled when both Genmec ACL and Manasc Isaac approached us to see if we could help reduce costs on the exterior. With value and feasibility in mind, and with a long service life and low maintenance attributes of paramount importance, we settled on OmniClad™.

We had the chance to speak with Tyler Kress, Project Manager at Genmec ACL and Emmett Gallagher, Architectural Technologist, of Manasc Isaac to discuss the completion of this project, and its final outcome.    


What was your role on this project?

Tyler Kress: I was the Project Manager. Our local firm, Genmec ACL was elected to take on this scope for the project.

Emmett Gallagher: I was the Architectural Technologist and then I did contract administration for the project, too.

What is the story behind the project and how your firm got involved?

Emmett Gallagher: We (Manasc Isaac) were engaged by the Town of Bonnyville in mid-2015 to carry out a feasibility study for a new town hall for them. That involved examining the  different options for sites as well preliminary massing to see what one would work best for the town’s needs.


When did Lenmak get involved with the project?

Emmett Gallagher: Early in the design phase we had spoken to Lenmak about some of their products that we were considering using. The product that was ultimately specified for the project was not a Lenmak product, as it was not within the Town’s specified budget at that time.

After the contract was awarded however, the Town of Bonnyville changed their mind about the original product as they were not happy with the appearance [after seeing mockups done on-site]. At that point, Manasc Isaac and GenMec ACL re-engaged Lenmak to see what they could do for for the project.


What desire or need did Lenmak’s product fulfill for you on this project?

Tyler Kress: We originally had a different wall finish system specified. When we looked into the finished details as part of the mockup process, we were unable to do it in this climate and for this building.

We went back to Manasc Isaac and talked about a few different finishing options. I believe they had used a Lenmak product in the past, and it was because of that that we were able to capture the old design with a different product in a better way.

Emmett Gallagher: The selected Lenmak product fulfilled both the aesthetic needs and the budget requirements set by the Town.

One of the comments that the town had was that they did not want to see the exposed fasteners on the cladding. Additionally, since Bonnyville is a small municipality, fiscal responsibility is of utmost importance. Thankfully, Lenmak’s products were able to get us within those two parameters.

Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville Town Hall  Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville Town Hall

“Lenmak came in within the client’s budget and basically gave them the design that they were looking for.” – Tyler Kress


So, Lenmak essentially found a cost-effective solution for this project?

Tyler Kress: Yeah, exactly. The product (OmniClad) was cost-effective, and the longevity of the product was superior to the product we were using before.

OmniClad was specified by Manasc Isaac on the building, and they did the layout for cladding, too.

When it came to the main entrances, GenMec and Lenmak worked with Manasc Isaac to refine the design, since Manasc Isaac had originally specified metal flashings for the main entrances.

Working with Johanna at Lenmak, they suggested StrataClad® to highlight those areas a little bit [the two entrances] and with this product we were able to avoid dealing with traditional problems that come with just using flashing.


This product definitely exceeded our expectations.” – Tyler Kress


Was the Lenmak team helpful in guiding you with their products? What kind of role did Lenmak play in the completion of this project?

Tyler Kress: Lenmak came out and did a Lunch and Learn with us, and really any questions we had (since we were installing their products the first time), they were there to answer. Our project superintendent would call them from time to time, just on tips for installation.

We ran into a situation where we damaged a panel – they had a solution for that. It was great to see.

Emmett Gallagher: Ray Turner from Lenmak came to our office approximately a year prior to construction start, so we were aware of their products. Then, once the project got underway, we invited Lenmak to come into our office again, and give our entire team an overview of how Lenmak’s products work.

Lenmak Bonnyville Town Hall

Would you say sustainability is important when choosing exterior cladding?

Tyler Kress: Absolutely.

Any of the projects we do we like to look at the life cycle of the product and make sure our clients are not only going to be happy now with the product, but ten years down the line, twenty years down the line, and I think the team picked a good one for this building.

Emmett Gallagher: [Sustainability] is always one of the top items on our list. To minimize environmental impact, we always aim to source local products. The benefit of having a local manufacturer and contractor is that we can easily engage them, establish the parameters of the project early on, and work together to resolve them effectively.


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What is your opinion of the aesthetic of the finished project? Are you happy with the outcome?

Tyler Kress: Yeah, we were very happy.

It’s a very good looking building.

 It was relatively easy for our guys to install the products. You definitely have to look at all the details in it [the exterior cladding], and that was one thing I was very impressed about.

All of the [detailed] corners, all of the hard work they put into making a product that not only looks good, but also was…easy for our installers to [work with] was great. The guys did a great job installing and putting in time to make the joints and connections fit.

Emmett Gallagher: Yes, we are very happy that the town ultimately made the decision to go with Lenmak’s product, and I know the Town is very happy with the final product, too. [Lenmak’s product] definitely looks much cleaner from a detailing perspective, and it will last longer with less maintenance, too.



Based on your experience, would you work with Lenmak Exteriors again?

Tyler Kress: Yes, absolutely. We are actually now working with them now on other projects.

It was a very exciting project for us, we enjoyed working with Lenmak; they were very helpful suggesting ideas and looking at different areas for us.

Emmett Gallagher: I had a very positive experience working with Lenmak. Knowing that you can call their team to resolve any issues, and even go to their manufacturing facility to see how things are made; they were very helpful. I would certainly work with Lenmak again.


“…I’m really glad that the town made the decision to go with Lenmak’s product[s].” – Emmett Gallagher

Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville Town Hall Project Lenmak Exteriors Bonnyville

Product Overview


The OmniClad™ product line from Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc. is made to order and produced on demand to meet your needs – and your budget. Available in a rainbow of colours and finishes, three widths, and a standard depth of ¾”, this concealed fastener cladding system offers multi-dimensional flexibility with lengths up to 26’. A floating clip system allows free expansion and contraction for the best possible performance and value.


The StrataClad® product line from Lenmak Exterior Innovations is custom designed to order and produced on demand. This not only means a paneling system that is created specifically for your needs, it means efficiencies for your project on a number of levels.


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