Cladding Systems

Why Choose One of Lenmak’s Cladding Solutions?

Today’s building designs are sophisticated and unique, so Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc. has spent twenty years innovating and perfecting our cladding systems to meet the needs of a dynamic construction market. Our cladding systems are durable, functional, beautiful, and will last a lifetime.

  • Customized cladding options are designed to exceed your expectations and are perfect for new building construction or easily can be adapted to a retrofit project
  • Metal cladding systems with high-quality finishes are lightning-resistant and won’t warp, crack or peel over time
  • Non-porous Galvalume steel and high quality commercial aluminum prevent unnecessary loads on structures caused by water absorption
  • Custom made-to-order fabrication allows for continuous long-length panels
  • Dozens of colors and finishes enable beautiful and affordable design alternatives for any application, paired with industry-leading finish warranties up to 40 years

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