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The Inspiration Behind Aluminaire™: Modern Aluminium Exterior Cladding


In the world of architecture and design, there is arguably no word that holds more meaning. To stay fresh and innovative we must constantly find inspiration – in ourselves, in others, in the present and notably, in the past.

aluminaire house lenmak exterior innovations
A Frey model of the Aluminaire House.

The First All-Metal House

In 1931, American architect A. Lawrence Kocher and Swiss architect Albert Frey co-designed the United States’ first all-metal house. Known as Aluminaire House, the building attracted over 100,000 visitors when it was first exhibited in New York City as part of the Architectural and Allied Arts Exhibition.

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Frey had previously worked for modern architecture pioneer Le Corbusier before arriving in the United States, and the prominent architect’s influence played a significant role in the creation of this compact, cube-shaped home.


True Inspiration Never Fades

The Aluminaire House has been disassembled and moved numerous times over the years, often left to gather dust in storage for large periods of time. Yet, the building that helped launch an architectural movement cannot be forgotten – as illustrated by current plans to relocate it to Palm Springs.

It is the building’s tenacity and ability to inspire decades after its construction that led Lenmak Exterior Innovations to name our newest exterior cladding product after it – Aluminaire™ Panel Systems.

lenmak exterior innovations aluminaire metal cladding
Aluminaire™ Exterior Architectural Panel System

Innovation Meets Experience

Our Aluminaire™ aluminum exterior cladding is sophisticated and affordable. Sleek and classic. Perfect for single or multi-story construction, our panels are manufactured in vibrant colours using world-class robotics. Much like the Aluminaire House, this cladding system combines cutting edge innovation with tried and true knowledge acquired over years of experience.


Maximum Architectural Freedom

We know how hard businesses work to build brand recognition, which is why the Aluminaire™ cladding system easily incorporates brand colours and logos. Our panels also seamlessly integrate with surrounding products and existing wall conditions. This allows your building, as large or small as it may be, to inspire in a way similar to the Aluminaire house.


Time – The Most Valuable Commodity

As the saying goes, the world’s most valuable commodity is time, which is why we have set up a large-capacity automated process with the ability to complete custom orders days or weeks faster than competitive products. This means your order’s specifications are able to change as conditions on the job site change.


Limits Waste, Saves Energy

Over the past twenty years, we at Lenmak Exteriors have noticed a shift in the design and construction industry towards more sustainable practices. We decided early on we wanted to be at the forefront of this movement, which is why our products – such as Aluminaire™ – are created to exist in harmony with the environment. Made of recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, Aluminaire™ panels do not contain any harmful toxins, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Further, because we produce this aluminum exterior cladding on demand, waste is limited and energy is saved.

aluminaire house lenmak exterior innovations
The beginning of the Aluminaire House story.

Every Story Starts Somewhere

A. Lawrence Kocher was best known as the managing editor of an architectural magazine before he began work on the Aluminaire House.

Albert Frey was only 28 years old when he relocated to the United States and joined the project.

The Aluminaire House is now known as a “masterpiece of modernist architecture.”

These three examples illustrate that every great story starts somewhere; the story of Aluminaire™ Panel Systems starts here.

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