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Aluminaire™ Panel Systems by Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc. introduces an affordable & sophisticated design option to single & multi-story construction and building exteriors to North America. Sleek metallic’s and vibrant colours are attainable on architectural panels with lean manufacturing and world-class robotics. Custom components are produced to expert precision – beautifully, on demand, & on budget. Ask us how.


  • Maximum architectural freedom with fully customizable architectural panels
  • Ability to easily infuse a corporate brand into the architect’s design
  • Easily integrated with surrounding exterior products and fully adaptable to existing wall conditions
  • Suitable for both new construction or exterior renovations
  • Available complex shapes and variety of panel depths


  • Available in .080” aluminum for maximum cost effectiveness and greater availability in larger sizes
  • Hundreds of solid & metallic powder-coated colours available including custom brand-unique shades and gloss levels
  • Industry-leading high-durability finishes meet or exceed architectural standards for interior & exterior applications
  • AAMA 2604 compliant finishes offer industry-leading durability, weather, UV resistance, and excellent colour and gloss retention even under harsh Canadian climates
  • Our trim components are coated to match panels exactly for an elegant transition between panel surrounding materials


  • Lean manufacturing and a proprietary inventory staging system enables custom orders to be completed days or weeks faster than competitive products
  • Large-capacity automated production can accommodate large projects in large or small phases
  • Rapid lead times reduce project cost/risk and improve adaptability to changing site conditions


  • Fully automated manufacturing process reduces production time, which reduces costs
  • Produced quickly and accurately every time at a fraction of the cost of traditional composite panel systems
  • Ask us about our prices


  • Panels include recycled materials, remain 100% recyclable, and we save all excess panel and metal material
  • Our architectural panels do not contain harmful toxins like composite materials, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint
  • Customized design produced on demand limits waste and saves energy

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Ideal Panel Sizes For Aluminaire

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These unibody-design panels can be made in a variety of sizes and depths. This lock system also completely conceals fasteners for a crisp, architectural style without the time and cost of custom composite panels.

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